Unlocking the value of under-performing assets

Unlocking the value of under-performing assets

In 2012 Scripture Union (SU) approached Peter Williams to help them set up the SU Business Entity. A small group of seasoned businessmen have been appointed by SU to leverage business opportunities from under-performing and "lazy assets" that are owned by SU.

Amongst the assets of SU is a property portfolio of over R50 million and the business entity is currently investigating alternative revenue streams from these properties.

SU has four campsites in its property portfolio. This area of work lead to a discussion with the Uniting Christian Student Association (UCSA) who, like SU, have an under-performing property portfolio of over R200 million. UCSA have asked to be included in the process of investigating alternative revenue streams.

The SA Scouting movement has 60 Scout halls in the Western Cape. CCT is in the process of signing a lease over the Claremont Scout Hall to run a Montessori school from the premises. This will be rolled out into other Scout Halls once a track record has been created with the Scouting movement. 

Clearly we are in demand as we have successfully created businesses that can be run from assets in the property portfolios of established and well supported NGO’s.