Island of Hope Proposal

Island of Hope

This property is one of those under-performing assets, mentioned above, belonging to the Salvation Army and heavily invested in by the Rotary Club of Paarl. CCT believes it can transform this site into a vibrant contributor to the fortunes of a number of NGO’s in the Paarl district whilst at the same time keeping the property available for children at risk.

CCT seeks to lease the property for a 15 year period during which period it aims to establish a Montessori Pre-school serving the poorer community of Paarl. The school will cater for between 100 and 120 pre-school children aged from 3-months to 6-years and will be run out of the church and church hall. We will target families whose combined income does not exceed R3000. We will seek funding from the Department of Social Development for children up to age four and the Department of Education for Grade ‘R’ pupils.

To help fund the school we aim to re-open the thrift/charity shop. We will not only sell second-hand clothing, but also investigate a range of food items that are normally purchased by the poorer communities of Cape Town. We aim to supplement the schools income by up to R20 000 per month, if not more.

Finally, we aim to run a branch of African Volunteer Services from the 34-bed residence. International volunteers will be our target market with these volunteers being placed in projects belonging to both the Valcare Network of NGO organisations and Connect Network.

The social enterprise aim is to facilitate a flow of income into the organisations that accept volunteers from African Volunteer Services. CCT owns 51% of African Volunteer Services and the profit attributable to this share will be re-distributed to participating organisations through a small grant scheme.