The Management Team

This team continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Peter Williams was schooled at Bishops and UCT. He has a B.Com with honours in Financial Management and a MBA. A 25-year career span has seen him work in big and small enterprises in Cape Town. He set up a joint venture in China for a British multinational company and listed a company on the JSE. At the age of 39 he went into semi-retirement and started the social enterprise which has become Children’s Campaign. 

Christopher de Beyer is a qualified lawyer by profession and has spent a lifetime in sales and marketing in the computer industry, firstly with IBM and later with Sun Microsystems.  He has set up a business selling Panasonic business machines.  Chris has a lifetime of business experience and is responsible for business development and fundraising in the trust.

Jane Cope completed her B Com at the University of Kwazulu-Natal and partially completed her articles.  She had her own children and failing to find a school to her liking for her own children, she embarked on Montessori teacher training.  She has completed training in the 0-3, 3-6 and 6-8 age groups of Montessori education.  She ably runs Montessori Connect for us and operates our training organisation called the Montessori Institute of Learning.

Jevron Epstein completed his articles at Noland’s Incorporated. He studied a double-major in finance and organisational psychology.  Focussing on finance, he enrolled to become a Chartered Financial Analyst. Staying on after his articles, he assisted the business development division of Noland's, looking at their clients' synergies and business opportunities. Jevron left Noland's and spent six months in Johannesburg working for a corporate finance house before setting up Reporting Solutions (Pty) Ltd for the Children's Campaign Trust.

Nicholas Engelbrecht is the operations director of Reporting Solutions and attended the University of Cape Town where he obtained his B Com in Financial Accounting and Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting.  After 3 years of articles at Nolands Incorporated he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Since joining Reporting Solutoins in March 2014, Nicholas has been involved in overseeing the accounting functions, taxation services for our growing client base. Nicholas also performs the drafting of annual financial statements for medium-sized to listed clients as well as performing Independent Reviews for clients who do not require an audit.

Andre Malherbe did his B Com at Stellenbosch University and then worked in the banking and insurance sector for 15 years. He left to start his own business, Cape Braai Distributors, which made and sold bricketts and fire-lighters. When he sold the business he had a range of 17 braai products in every single Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite-Checkers, Spar, OK and 7-Eleven across the country.  Now semi-retired, he spends his time enriching Children’s Campaign Trust with his many and varied contacts.

Lucinda Holdridge and Nicole Borwick are our administrators.  Lucinda holds a degree in Environmental Science from UCT and Nicole has several Montessori diplomas.  Nicole was responsible for pioneering our primary division, which is today a fully-fledged Montessori Primary school registered with the Western Cape Education Department.

This team brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to the fore.  They have been selected based on their ability to start companies and manager them successfully. This team will continue to grow as Children's Campaign Trust grows.

New projects and businesses

Reporting Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
This business is designed to provide accounting and administration services to CCT and the 115 organisations in Connect Network as well as to outside companies. Reporting Solutions houses an intellectual capital in the form of its employees to assist not only medium sized businesses but large entities too.

Reporting Solutions have become the pioneers in NPO accounting. Focusing on the Goodwill of an NPO, Reporting Solutions structures its clients’ accounts in a manner to truly reflect the value of the NPO by adding financial values to the time, energy and external recourses given to NPO’s that belong on the balance sheet of the NPO. The true value of an organisation is then reflected in its accounts. To date we have assisted big NGO's such as Cape Town Child Welfare Organisation (CTCWO), Eraly Learning Resources Unit (ELRU) and Families South Africa (FAMSA)

Quality Life Travel (Pty) Ltd

With so many volunteers coming to Cape Town, we took a strategic decision to be able to send them home with more than just practical experience from helping out at a local NGO. Involving a joint venture between our local training house, Montessori Institute of Learning and Waterpark Montessori in Ireland, we are developing the capability of offering European and North American volunteers the option of volunteering in Cape Town and going home with an internationally recognised MACTE Montessori qualification, allowing them to teach when they get back home at any Montessori school.

Second Harvest NPC

This was formed in 2017 in order to feed the children attending our schools. Mark Maingard and Marais Greyling have been running a catering and functions business for some time. Second Harvest was born out of their desire to feed needy children. The expensive overheads of the catering and functions business are covered by normal business. Second Harvest is then able to distribute food which carries no overhead and capital cost structure. Any donation to Second Harvest is then fully converted into food for the needy. A true social enterprise, Second Harvest is planning kitchens in many impoverished areas.

Island of Hope NPC

For the last four years Adre Malherbe has set up and continues to run a business from a property owned by the Salvation Army in Paarl. Most of the income is derived from the thrift shop on the property which sells second hand clothing and footwear as well as furniture and reconditioned white goods.

Ashanti Estate Events and Functions company

The trust was given a 25% equity stake in this business run off Ashanti Estate near Paarl. Profits from this entity will go towards the provision of food supplies for Second Harvest NPC.

Kairos Training (Pty)Ltd

In late 2017 the Trust purchased a 10% equity stake in Kairos. This was a strategic investment into a training organisation to ensure the SETA registration of the Montessori Institute of Learning and Waterpark Montessori International courses.

In each of the above businesses, CCT owns equity with the balance of the equity going to the capital providers and management except for the NPC’s.

Quality Life Education

Quality Life Montessori NPC has been set up to spearhead our development into the townships of the greater Cape Town area. The main purpose is to put 70 000 new children into a pre-school environment where real education is taking place, not just child minding as is mostly the case. To this end we have started a number of schools in 2017:

Abacus in Mitchell;s Plain

Little Stars in Paarl

Island of Hope in Paarl

Oasis in Blue Downs

Nina Nancy in Blue Downs

Siseko in Gugulethu

And we continue to assist at Philippi Children’s Centre in Philippi which the trust rescued in 2008.

We have also purchased a piece of land in Delft South where we will build a school and we are currently building a school in Wallacedene near Kraaifontein.

There are over 500 children in these schools at present and we aim to double this by year end.

Unlocking the value of NGO assets

In 2012 Scripture Union (SU) approached Peter Williams to help them set up the SU Business Entity. A small group of seasoned businessmen have been appointed by SU to leverage business opportunities from under-performing and "lazy assets" that are owned by SU.
Over a period of more than 20 years the SU campsites barely managed a profit of R1million. Over the last four years this has trebled to R3 million due to a focussed strategy.

The NGO industry has an inability to collaborate and most NGO’s see each other as competitors for donated Rand. Children’s Campaign Trust, on the other hand, is run by businessmen. As such we see the need to collaborate and work in teams. This attitude is going to change the face of civil society over the next decade or two. It is no longer about raising donations, but working in partnership with business to achieve social outcomes.

Clearly we are in demand as we have successfully created businesses that can be run from assets in the property portfolios of established and well supported NGO’s.